Gambia Photo Album

Woman Using a Computer
Kanifing, 1994

This woman is using desktop publishing software at the government operated Book Production and Material Resources Unit in Kanifing to prepare materials for printing. Computers are becoming more and more common in government offices and businesses. There are still relatively few computers in schools and virtually none in the rural areas. There are several computer training institutes and schools in the urban areas near the coast.

Ironically training government employees to use computers can have a reverse effect. Because private businesses and NGOs are capable of paying higher salaries, civil servants who develop computer skills are more likely to leave their jobs for the private sector. The woman in this picture is an example - after a few years of developing her computer and other skills, she got a job with an NGO that more than doubled her salary. This is a risk that all managers must face when they upgrade the qualifications of their employees.

submitted by Andy Lyons

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