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Roasted Corn
Sinchu Baliya, 1994

This happy young lad is chomping on a freshly roasted ear of corn (maize), a common treat during the corn season which is approximately from September to December. The corn which is most popular in The Gambia is not the "sweet corn" which we are used to in the North. Rather it is a strain which is fairly chewy and hard, but still tasty. Corn is commonly grown in people's compounds and fields, and is also sold by vendors on the side of the road.
The Mandinka word for corn is "tubanyoo," which is literally translated as "white man's coos". This tells you something of it's origin. The corn is usally roasted directly on a charcoal fire; after a few minutes on the coals you just brush away the ashes and you're ready to eat!

submitted by Andy Lyons

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