Schools of The Gambia
Region 1 (Banjul/Kanifing Municipal Council)

Childcare and Development Centres (Nursery / Day care)

Year Established
Abuko Nursery KMC Abuko  
Advance Nursery KMC    
Anna's Nursery KMC    
Apple Tree Kindergarten KMC Serekunda


Apple Tree Nursery School KMC Serekunda


Archadeacon George Memorial KMC    
Ba Estate Nursery KMC    
Badala Nursery KMC Fajikunda  
Bakary Sambou Nursery KMC    
Bakau Child Care & Nursery KMC Bakau  
Bakau Community Centre Nursery KMC Bakau  
Bakau Methodist Nursery & Day Care KMC Bakau  
Bethel Nursery Banjul Banjul  
Bintanglong Nursery KMC    
Bojang Nursery KMC    
Cherno Baba Nursery KMC    
Cluny Nursery Banjul Banjul  
Colleen Nursery KMC    
Fountain Nursery KMC    
Frakan Nursery KMC    
GADHOH Female Wing Nursery for the Deaf KMC Kanifing 2001
Gambi's Women Contempory Banjul Banjul  
Gert Blaser Nursery KMC    
Glory Baptist Nursery KMC Old Jeshwang  
Haddy's Nursery KMC    
Hydara's Nursery KMC    
Imam Jaiteh Memorial Nursery KMC    
Isatou Conbeh Jaye's Memorial KMC    
J.T.T. Nursery KMC    
Javouhey Nursery KMC    
Kala Bantang Nursery KMC    
Katchikally Nursery KMC Bakau  
Khadeejah Memorial Nursery KMC    
Khadeejah Memorial Nursery KMC    
Kotu Nursery KMC Kotu  
Kristina Sunstedt D. Nursery KMC    
Lamtoro Nursery KMC    
Lena's Nursery KMC    
Lucy Memorial Nursery KMC    
Lulu Memorial Day Care & Nusery KMC    
Maimuna Badjie's Nursery KMC    
Mandela Nursery KMC    
Maria Day Care KMC    
Maria Day Care Centre & Nursery KMC    
Marina International Nursery KMC    
Marsden Nursery KMC    
Medina Baye Nursery KMC    
Methodist Nursery Banjul Banjul  
Mobe-ta Nursery KMC    
Muhammed Yadalieu Islamic Nursery Banjul Banjul  
Naata Nursery KMC   2006
Naffa Nursery KMC    
Ndigtal Nursery KMC    
Ndow's Day Care & Nursery KMC    
New Salem Nursery KMC    
Nyakoi Nursery KMC Bundung  
Nyakoi Nursery KMC New Jeshwang  
Nyodema Nursery KMC    
Olympic Alh. Manurr Secka Memorial KMC Old Jeshwang  
Oxford International Nursery KMC    
P.L Coker Nursery KMC    
Piccadilly Town Nursery KMC    
Progressive Nursery KMC    
Rev. J.C. Faye Nursery Banjul Banjul  
Rex Nursery KMC    
Rivier Nursery KMC    
Root Day Care & Nursery KMC    
Sanyang A.J. Nursery KMC    
Sanyang Day Care Nursery KMC    
Seven Day Adventist Nursery KMC Old Jeshwang  
Shalom Nursery KMC    
Solo Nursery KMC    
SOS Children Vill Kin. Nursery KMC Bakoteh  
St. Charle's Lwanga Nursery KMC Faji Kunda  
St. Paul's Day Care KMC    
Sunrise Nursery KMC    
Vivat's Chrech & Kidergarten KMC    
Wansbrough Nursery KMC    
Ya Fatou's Nursery KMC    
Yakanu International Nursery KMC    
Yunsu Memorial Nursery KMC    

Lower Basic (Primary School)

School Name
Year Established
Albion LBS5 Banjul Banjul 1975
Alh. Masanneh Ceesay Islamic Sch. LBS KMC Serrekunda  
Apple Tree LBS KMC Serekunda


Bakau LBS KMC Bakau 1947
Bakau New Town LBS KMC Bakau New Town 1981
Bakoteh LBS KMC Bakoteh 1980
Bakoteh Annex LBS KMC Bakoteh 1995
Bundung LBS KMC Bundung 1984
Campama LBS Banjul Banjul 1963
Glory Baptist LBS KMC Old Jeshwang 1995
Gola Fortunate LBS KMC   2001
Half-Die LBS Banjul Banjul 1958
Ibn Abass Islamic School LBS KMC    
Kotu LBS KMC Kotu 1993
Latrikunda LBS KMC Latrikunda 1974
Latrikunda Sabiji LBS KMC Latrikunda Sabiji 1972
Mad. Emadudin - L/Sabiji KMC Latrikunda Sabiji  
Marina International LBS KMC    
Methodist LBS Banjul Banjul 1958
Muhammedan LBS Banjul Banjul 1903
Ndow Comprehensive LBS KMC Pipeline 1989
New Jeshwang LBS KMC New Jeshwang 1981
New Life Primary LBS KMC    
Nuru Deen Islamic LBS KMC    
Old Jeshwang LBS KMC Old Jeshwang 1980
Olympic Prosperity LBS KMC Old Jeshwang 1996
Omar Bun Abdul Aziz Islamic KMC    
Pipeline Comprehensive LBS KMC Pipeline 1998
Rev. J. C. Faye LBS Banjul Banjul 1992
Senegalese LBS KMC    
Serekunda LBS KMC Serrekunda 1949
Seventh Day Adventist LBS KMC Old Jeshwang  
St. Charles Lwanga LBS KMC Faji Kunda 1976
St. John's School for the Deaf LBS KMC Kanifing 1984
St. Joseph's Ex-Pupils' LBS KMC Kanifing  
St. Joseph's Primary LBS Banjul Banjul 1906
St. Mary's LBS Banjul Banjul 1870
St. Theresa's LBS KMC Kanifing 1947
Tallinding LBS KMC Tallinding 1984
Wesley LBS Banjul Banjul 1921
Zenith Preparatory LBS KMC   1998

Upper Basic (Junior Secondary School)

School Name
Year Established
Abuko UBS KMC Abuko 2001
Archideacon George Memorial UBS KMC   1998
Bakau UBS KMC Bakau 1999
Bakoteh UBS KMC Bakoteh 1999
Cate's International UBS KMC   1997
Charles Jow UBS KMC   1997
Core Comprehensive UBS KMC   2000
Crab Island UBS Banjul Banjul  
Ebenezer UBS KMC   1995
Educational Pursuits UBS KMC   1992
Garba Jahumpa UBS Banjul Banjul 1995
Greater Banjul UBS KMC Abuko  
Institute of Continuing Education UBS KMC    
Kotu UBS KMC Kotu 1992
Lady Diana UBS KMC   1997
Latrikunda UBS KMC Latrikunda 1963
Latrikunda Sabiji UBS KMC Latrikunda Sabiji 1999
Methodist Academy UBS KMC   1995
Ndow Comprehensive UBS KMC Pipeline 1989
Ndow Comprehensive Annex UBS KMC Pipeline  
New Era UBS KMC    
Pipeline Comprehensive UBS KMC   1998
Rev. J. C. Faye UBS Banjul/KMC Banjul 0 1998 Banjul Banjul 1998
Rose Kali UBS KMC   1997
Sheikh Mass Kah UBS KMC   1995
Sheriff Sisay Memorial UBS KMC   1999
SOS Upper Basic UBS KMC Bakoteh  
St. Augustine's UBS banjul Banjul  
St. John's School for the Deaf UBS KMC Kanifing  
St. Joseph's Past Pupil's UBS KMC Kanifing  
St. Theresa's UBS KMC Kanifing  
Tadamun Islamic Studies JS UBS KMC    
Tallinding upper basic school KMC    

Senior Secondary (High School)

School Name
Year Established
Apple Tree SSS KMC Serekunda


Banjul Academy SSS Banjul Banjul 1995
Cate's International SSS KMC   2000
Core Comprehensive SSS KMC   2000
Glory Baptist Senior Secondary School (Private) KMC Old Jeshwang  
Educational Pursuit SSS KMC   2001
Gambia High SSS Banjul Banjul  
Institute of Continuing Education SSS KMC    
Kotu SSS KMC Kotu 1995
Marina International SSS KMC    
Muslim High SSS Banjul Banjul 1975
Ndow Comprehensive SSS KMC Pipeline 1995
Ndow Comprehensive Annex SSS KMC Pipeline  
Nusrat High SSS KMC Serrekunda  - Bundung 1971
Pipeline Comprehensive SSS KMC Pipeline 1998
Sheikh Mass Kah SSS KMC   1998
SOS-Herman Gmeiner SSS KMC Bakoteh  
St. Augustine's High SSS Banjul Banjul  
St. Joseph's High SSS Banjul Banjul 1883
Tadamun Islamic Studies SSS KMC    

Skills Training Centres

Year Established
Gambia Girls Guide Association Skills Training Cen. KMC Kanifing  
Gambia Home Economics Association      
Gambia Hotel Training School KMC    
Gambia Institute of Computer Technology      
Gambia Scouts Association's Little Trees KMC Bakoteh  
Hi-Tech Computer & Communications Associates      
Holron Computing Skills Centre      
Lady Tuti Faal-Jammeh Sewing Skills Centre      
Lagoon Institute of Computer Training      
Mega Soft Computer Training Centre      
OMEGA Skills Training Centre      
President's Award Scheme Skills Training Centre      
SIMMA Vocational Training Inst. KMC Serrekunda - Bundung  
Sobeya Skills Training Centre      
St. Stephen's Institute of Management      
Standard Systems Skills Training Centre      
Talinding Skills Centre KMC    
YMCA Vocational Training Centre KMC    
YWCA St. Mathias Skills Training Centre KMC    
INSIGHT Vocational Training Centre      
Presentation Girls Vocational School      
Quantum Associates Computer Training Centre      
Gambia Technical Training Institute KMC Old Jeshwang  
La Fourmi Informatique Computer Training Centre      


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