Bibliography of Gambian Related Publications

Contemporary Fiction

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Title: Alhaji
Date: 1992
Source: Macmillan, London (Junior pacesetters series)
Author(s): Dibba, Ebou
Abstract: 72 p.
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Title: Fafa
Date: 1992
Source: Macmillan, London
Author(s): Ebou Dibba
Abstract: A novel set in the Gambia-- targetted more to young adults
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Title: Our Grandmothers' Drums
Date: 1990
Source: Grove Weidenfeld, New York, NY
Author(s): Hudson, Mark
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Title: Before the New Earth
Date: 1988
Source: Writers Workshop, Calcutta, India (out of print)
Author(s): Tijan M. Sallah
Abstract: A collection of Gambian short stories dealing with various pressing social issues facing the Gambia. Received good praises in book reviews (See review by Prof. Ezenwa Ohaeto in the New Guardian, Nigeria, and by Prof. Samuel Garren in Ufahamu, a journal of African Studies at UCLA).
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Title: Chaff on the Wind
Date: 1986
Source: Macmillan, London
Author(s): Ebou Dibba
Abstract: A novel set in pre-independence Gambia rich in local scenery and colorful characters
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Title: Roots
Date: 1976
Source: Doubleday, Garden City, NY
Author(s): Haley, Alex
Abstract: A well known historical novel which traces the ancentral history of the author to the village of Juffre on the north bank of the river Gambia. A major film based on the novel is also available.
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Title: Nine African plays for radio
Date: 1973
Source: Heinemann, London (African writers series, 127)
Author(s): Henderson, Gwyneth and Cosmo Pieterse, editors
Abstract: Contents: Sondhi, K. Sunil's dilemna.--White, R. The soldiers.--Roberts, G. J. The trial of Busumbala.--Clems, D. The prisoner, the judge and the jailer.--Libondo, J. N. Oh, how dearly I detest thee.--Ajibade, Y. Lagos, yes, Lagos.--Erapu, L. Beyond the line.--Tialobi, G. Full-cycle.--Addo, P. H. Company pot. Other authors: Pieterse, Cosmo, 1930- joint comp., xvii, 185 p.
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Title: The Second Round
Date: 1969
Source: Heinemann Educational Books, African Writers Series, London
Author(s): Lenrie Peters
Abstract: A novel about homecoming of a student, Dr. Kawa, after studies abroad.
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Title: Tip of The Iceberg
Date: 2009
Source: Derek Annable, Mount View, Rhogoch Amlwch Anglesy, L166OAR, UK Publisher, ISBN 978-0-9549732-7-8
Author(s): Seedy Bojang
Abstract: Tip of the Iceberg, exposes corruption and criminality among civil servants and the affluent in the Gambia.
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Title: The Changing World
Date: 2006
Source: Source- own publication, in 2006, The Gambia.
Author(s): Seedy Bojang
Abstract: Offers a philosophical and pervarsive look at some of the world's most contentious issues, such as democrary, human rights, peace and conflicts, evolution, religion, civilisation, the media, among others
Title: Bumpy Journey
Date: 2008
Source: Published in 2008, by Derek Annable, mount View, Rhosgoch, Amlwch, Anglesey, LL66 OAR, ISBN 978-0-9549732-41
Author(s): Seedy Bojang
Abstract: Bumpy Journey is about the plight of African illegal migrants, who struggle day in, day out to reach to Europe through the back-way.
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Title: The ABC of Journalism
Date: 2007
Source: Own production
Author(s): Seedy Bojang
Abstract: a handbook for journalists
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Title: Shadow From my Past
Date: 2010
Source: Published in May 2010, by Derek Annable, United Kingdom, ISBN 9780954973292
Author(s): Seedy Bojang
Abstract: Shadow From my Past brings into limelight the beliefs in rituals and cults in an African society.
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