Hotels and Other Places of Interest to Tourists in Gambia

Below is a partial list of hotels in Gambia. The information on this page is incomplete and badly in need of update, so if you have more information please send a note.

Many thanks to Asbjørn Nordam for providing this information!

For more information, contact:
The Gambia National Tourist Office
Ministry of Tourism and Culture
The Quadrangle
Banjul, The Gambia
Tel: (220) 229563, 227593, 228496, 227881
Fax: (220) 227753, 227034

Cape St. Mary, Bakau, Fajara

Distances: Banjul, Serrekunda, and airport all 4-7 km

Location: Cape St. Mary
Mailing Address:
Tel: (220) 495428
Fax: (220) 496102
Built: 1972, renovated: 1991-93,
Facilities: restaurant, bar, pool
Other: 20-50 beach

Cape Point
Location: Cape St. Mary
Mailing Address:
Tel: (220) 495005
Fax: (220) 495005
Built: 1985, renovated 1988 and 1990
Facilities: restaurant, bar, pool
Other: 100 m. to beach

African Village
Location: Atlantic Road, Bakau
Mailing Address:
Tel: (220) 495384
Built: 1976, 1993, renovated 1987
Facilities: restaurant, bar, pool
Other: 250 m to beach

Safari Garden
Location: 20 Street West, Fajara
Mailing Address:
Tel: (220) 495887
Fax: (220) 497841
Built: 1972, renovated 1981 and 1991
Facilities: restaurant, bar, pool, 18 rooms
Other: 800 m. to beach

Fajara Guest House
Location: Fajara
Mailing Address: PMB 834, Banjul
Tel: (220) 496122
Fax: (220) 229689
Built: newly built
Other: 5 min. walk to beach, near Fajara golf course, Fajara and Safari Garden hotels


Distances: Serekunda 2-3 km, Banjul 12-15 km

Location: Kotu Stream Road, Fajara
Mailing Address:
Tel: (220)465555
Fax: (220) 465959
Facilities: restaurant, bar, pool
Other: 100 m to beach

Bungalow Beach
Location: 1 Kotu Stream Road, Fajara
Mailing Address:
Tel: (220) 465288
Fax: (220) 466180
Facilities: restaurant, bar, pool
Other: 25 m. to beach

Bunkoyo Hotel
Location: Kotu Village
Mailing Address: Post box 274, Serrekunda
Tel: (220) 463199
Fax: (220) 463199
Facilities: bar, small library
Other: Unique British atmosphere, eleven rooms, 200m from the Beach

Kombo Beach (Novotel)
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 694, Banjul
Tel: (220) 465466, 465467, 465468
Other: right on the beach

Kotu Strand

Badala Park
Location: Kotu Stream
Mailing Address: PMB 467, Serrekunda
Tel: (220) 460400
Fax: (220) 460402

Paradise Inn
Location: Tanji
Mailing Address: Contact : Jan Vercammen, P.M.B. 252 Serrekunda Post Office, The Gambia
Tel (Europe): +32 15620536

Kololi, Palma-Rima, Kairaba

Kairaba Beach
Location: Kololi
Mailing Address: PMB 390, Serekunda
Tel: (220) 462940
Fax: (220) 462947
Facilities: restaurant, bar, pool
Other: 25 m. to beach

Palma Rima
Tel: (220) 463380

Tel: (220) 462717, 462718, 462719

Holiday Beach Club
Mailing Address: PMB 312, Banjul
Tel: (220) 460418, 460419
Fax: (220) 460418

Kololi Beach Club
Tel: (220) 464897

Mariatou Beach

N´Gala Lodge

TAFBEL Maisonettes
opposite Kairaba Hotel, apartments for hire
Tel: (220) 460510, 460511
Fax: (220) 460515


Hotel Atlantic
Tel: (220) 228601, 228602, 228603

Laguna (formerly Wadner Beach)


There are also hotels in Serrekunda


Bintang Bolong Lodge
Location: Foni Bintang Karanai, in Lower Western Division
Tel.: (+220)448 8035
Tel.: (+220)992 9362

Tendaba Camp
Location: Near Tendaba Village, in Lower River Division

Jem Hotel
Location: Basse Santa Su
Tel: (220) 668356


Wasu Stone Circles
Read about the stone circles at:
Location: Wasu, in Central Rever Division

Kerr Batch Stone Circles
Location: Kerr Batch, in Central Rever Division

Tanje Village Museum
One of the newest attractions in Gambia. This museum lets you experience the typical village life of a Gambian village about 100 years ago.
Location: Tanje
Tel: (220)371007


There are all over the country guesthouses. I can recommend them if you are not demanding special service. There is a bed, and you can take a bath, and local people can help with food, if not the caretaker. It cost near to nothing.

Rosa Hostel, Girl guides association A room with two beds for only D110 including breakfast. The lunch costs D25 and D35 for dinner. Their phone number is 390510. The hostel is around Kairaba Avenue

Kanifing (MDI Road)
Within walking distance of beach, Serekunda market


Gambia Explorer

Gambia Explorer has the following programs:
Sea Fishing:Full days excursion. The bait, tackle and drinks are all included in the cost, which is £35 per person.
Creek and River Fishing: Full day excursion aboard a traditional 75ft long African boat. Anglers £25; non-anglers £15
Dolphin Watching: You can enjoy close encounter with dolphins. £17.50
River Excursions: Full day excursion up the River Gambia to cultural and historic sites. Meals included. £25
Coconut Island: A trip to this island for just £20
Sailing to Paradise Island: A visit to this beautiful tropical island is just £5 per hour per person.
Gambia Explorer has water sports available.
Fax: (220) 495307
Phone: (220) 991313