Preface and Acknowledgment

The TANGO NGO Directory is an invaluable document which provides basic information about those NGOs that are members of the Association. The Directory is a non-static document, updated regularly to reflect changes in the size of the membership, its composition, as well as changes within the membership such as shifts in programming focus, areas of operation and contact details.

The Directory also provides valuable insight into the objectives and focus of NGOs as well as a picture of which areas of the country are under represented and where there is a larger concentration of NGOs. Additionally, the Directory shows those sectors where NGOs have a greater presence and those where few are operational.

The Directory is divided into four parts. The first part lists the members of the Association in 1996, and those organisations that have applied for membership, the second part outlines the geographical distribution of the NGOs, the third part focuses on the areas of interventions, whilst the fourth part provides detailed information, about individual NGO members of TANGO.

Updating this NGO Directory would not have been possible without the support of the Standard Chartered Bank, Gambia Ltd. TANGO takes this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Bank for financing the production of his NGO Directory and for its continued support to the efforts of NGOs in the Gambia.

Fatma Baldeh
Executive Secretary

Tel: (220) 4497771
Fax: (220) 4497772

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