Schools of The Gambia
Region 4 (Lower River Region)

Childcare and Development Centres (Nursery / Day care)

Year Established
Bureng Day Care Centre Jarra East Bureng  
Dasilameh Day Care Centre Jarra East Dasilameh  
Jenoi Day Care Centre Jarra West Jenoi  
Pakalinding Day Care Centre Jarra West Pakalinding  
Si Kunda Day Care Centre Jarra West Si Kunda  
Bomken Combined N/DCC Jarra West Bomken  
Toniataba Combined N/DCC Jarra West Toniataba  
Tendaba Nursery Kiang Central Tendaba  
Wurokang Nursery Kiang Central Wurokang Nursery  
Bambako Day Care Centre Kiang Central Bambako  
Lillian and Hilde Combined N/DCC Kiang Central    
Genieri Day Care Centre Kiang East Genieri  
Kolior Nursey / Day Care Centre Kiang East Kolior  
Masembeh Combined N/DCC Kiang East Masembeh  
Tankularr Nursery / Day Care Centre Kiang West    

Lower Basic (Primary School)

School Name
Year Established
Al Madratul Arabia Islamia Jarra West Si - Kunda 1992
Almanara Islamic Association ( Keneba) Kiang West Keneba 1977
Bajana Arabic sch. Kiang West Bajana  
Barro kunda LBS Jarra East Barro kunda 1962
Barro Kunda Islamic Sch. Jarra East Barro Kunda 1994
Battelling LBS Kiang West Battelling 1980
Bureng LBS Jarra East Bureng 1947
Burong LBS Kiang West Burong 1980
Dongoroba LBS Jarra East Dongoroba 1980
Dumbuto LBS Kiang West Dumbuto 1949
Fonkoi Kunda LBS Jarra West Fonkoi Kunda 2001
Giffarong Arabic Kiang West Giffarong 1975
Giffren Madrasah ( Giffen) Jarra West Giffren  
Jabisa Islamic Jarra West Jabisa 1978
Jafar Ibn Abi talib (Jarra Soma) Jarra West Jarra Soma  
Jali LBS Kiang West Kiang Jali 1967
Jali Islamic Kiang West Kiang Jali  
Jamiatu Islamia ( Kantong Kunda ) Kiang West  Kantong Kunda  
Janneh Kunda Kiang West Janneh Kunda 1980
Jasong Islamic Jarra East Jarra Jasong 1974
Jattaba LBS Kiang West Jattaba 1980
Jiffarong LBS Kiang West Jiffarong 1980
Jiroff LBS Kiang Central Jiroff 1980
Jissay LBS Kiang West Jissay 1995
Jouli LBS Kiang Wes Jouli 1980
Jouly Islamic School Kiang West Jouly 1980
Kanikunda Islamic Jarra West Kanikunda  
Kannikunda Jarra West Kannikunda 1978
Karantaba (Kiang) LBS Kiang West Karantaba (Kiang) 1961
Kemoto LBS Kiang West Kemoto 1995
Keneba LBS Kiang West Keneba 1978
Kolior LBS Kiang East Kolior 1980
Kuli Kunda LBS Kiang West Kuli Kunda 1995
Kuli Kunda Islamic Kiang West Kuli Kunda  
Kwinella LBS Kiang Central Kwinella 1962
Mad. Alieu Ibn Talib (Soma) Jarra West Soma  
Mad. Dawatul Islami (Japineh) Jarra Central Japineh  
Mad. Fattah Nasiru Islam (Karantaba) Kiang West Karantaba Kiang 1975
Mad. Islamia (Jarra Madina) Jarra East Jarra Madina  
Mad. Islamia Sheihh Ousman fatty (Toniataba) Jarra West Toniataba  
Mad. Jenoi LBS Jarra West Jenoi  
Mad. Mama Seikou (Jarra Burreng) Jarra East Jarra Burreng  
Mad. Mustapha (Dasilameh) Jarra East Dasilameh 1977
Mad. Ousman Bun Afan (Karantaba) Jarra West Karantaba Jarra  
Mad. Sankwia (Sankwia) Jarra West Sankwia 1995
Mad. Seikou Ibrahina Arfang Darboe (Pakalinding) Jarra West Pakalinding  
Manduar LBS Kiang West   1980
Markashbilal (Kaiaf) Kiang East Kaiaf  
Massembe Arabic LBS Kiang East Massembe 1979
Massembeh LBS Kiang East Massembeh 1995
Medina Angaleh LBS Kiang Central Medina Angaleh 1984
Medina Sasita LBS Jarra Central Medina Sasita 1980
Misera LBS Jarra West Misera 1979
Nema LBS Kiang Central Nema 1980
Nemakuta LBS Kiang Central Nemakuta 1980
Njolfen LBS Kiang East Njolfen 1995
Nyawurulung LBS Jarra East Nyawurulung 1980
Pakalinding LBS Jarra West Pakalinding 1952
Sare Sarjo LBS Jarra West Sare Sarjo 2001
Sibito LBS Kiang Central Sibito 2001
Sitta-Huma LBS Jarra Central Sitta-Huma 1980
Soma LBS Jarra West Soma 1981
Soma New Town LBS Jarra West Soma 2001
Sukuta LBS Jarra East Sukuta 1980
Sutukung Islamic Cultural Public Centre Jarra East Sutukung 1988
Tankular LBS Kiang West Tankular 1980
Tankular Islamic Sch. Kiang West Tankular 1979
Toniataba LBS Jarra West Toniataba 1995

Upper Basic (Junior Secondary School)

School Name
Year Established
Bureng UBS Jarra East Bureng 2000
Keneba UBS Kiang West Keneba 2000
Kwinella UBS Kiang Central Kwinella 1995
Pakalinding UBS Jarra West Pakalinding  

Basic Cycle (Primary and Secondary School)

School Name
Year Established
Japine BCS Jarra Central Japine 2001
Kaiaf BCS Kiang East Kaiaf 2000
Karantaba Kiang West Karantaba 2001
Nioro Jattaba BCS Kiang West Nioro Jattaba 2001
Pakaliba BCS Jarra East Pakaliba 2000
Tendaba BCS LRD Kiang Central Tendaba 2001

Senior Secondary (High School)

School Name
Year Established
Nioro Jattaba Kiang West Nioro Jattaba 2010
Tahir Ahmadiyya Jarra West Pakalinding 1988

Skills Training Centres

Year Established
Gambia Scouts Assoc. Vocational Training Inst. Jarra West Soma  
Rural Skills Training Centre Jarra West Mansa konko  

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