Schools of The Gambia
Region 6 (Upper River Region)

Childcare and Development Centres (Nursery / Day care)

School Name
Year Established
Chigambas Nursery Fulladu East Chigambas  
Koba Kunda Nursery Fulladu East Koba Kunda  
St.Alberts Nursery Fulladu East    
St. Cutberths Nursery (Combined N/DCC) Fulladu East    
Lumumba Nursery Kantora    
Sudowol Nursery Kantora Sudowol  
Jah Kunda Day Care Kantora Jah Kunda  
Kuraw Alphang Nursery Sandu Kuraw  
Lumbambulu Nursery Wuli Lumbambulu  
Sutukoba Day Care Wuli Sutukoba  
Taibatu Day Care Wuli Taibatu  

Lower Basic (Primary School)

School Name
Year Established
Allalhari Abdou Fulladu East Allalhari
Allunhari Fulladu East Allunhari
Baja Kunda LBS Fulladu East Baja Kunda 1975
Bakadagi LBS Fulladu East Bakadagi 1995
Baniko Ismaila LBS Fulladu East Baniko Ismaila 1994
Barro kunda LBS Wuli Barro kunda 1981
Boro Kande Wuli Boro Kande 1984
Chammoi Fulladu East Chammoi  
Changally Choido Sandu Changally Choido  
Changally Lang Kaddy LBS Sandu Changally Lang Kaddy 1996
Dampha Kunda LBS Fulladu East Dampha Kunda 1980
Dampha Kunda Fulladu East Dampha Kunda  
Dasilami LBS Sandu Dasilami 1984
Demba Kunda LBS Fulladu East Demba Kunda 1998
Demba Kunda Fulladu East Demba Kunda  
Dingiri LBS Fulladu East Dingiri LBS 1984
Faas Bajong LBS Fulladu East Faas Bajong 1994
Fatoto LBS Kantora Fatoto 1965
Gambisara LBS Fulladu East Gambisara 1998
Gambisara Lamoi LBS Fulladu East Gambisara 1995
Gambisara Fulladu East Gambisara  
Garawol LBS Kantora Garawol 1994
Gunjur Kuta LBS Wuli Gunjur Kuta 1990
Hella Kunda LBS Fulladu East Hella Kunda 1980
Jar Kunda LBS Wuli Jar Kunda 1981
Julangel LBS Fulladu East Julangel 1983
Jullangel Fulladu East Jullangel 1981
Karantaba Fulladu East Karantaba  
Koba Kunda LBS Fulladu East Koba Kunda 1960
Koina LBS Kantora Koina 1982
Koina Kantora Koina  
Kolibantang LBS Wuli Kolibantang 1996
Kossemar LBS Fulladu East Kossemar 1981
Kulari LBS Fulladu East Kulari 1982
Kulari Fulladu East Kulari  
Kundam Demba LBS Fulladu East Kundam Demba 1994
Kuwonku LBS Sandu Kuwonku 1998
Limbambulu Bambo Wuli Limbambulu Bambo  
Limbambulu Bambo LBS Wuli Limbambulu Bambo 1999
Madina Samako LBS Fulladu East Madina Samako 1999
Mahad Ismaila Dampha Kunda Fulladu East Dampha Kunda  
Makamasireh LBS Wuli Makamasireh 1983
Medina Saho Wuli Medina Saho  
Mema Al-Islam Fulladu East Mema  
Misera LBS Sandu Misera 1976
Misera Sandu Misera  
Nafugan Johmel LBS Fulladu East Nafugan Johmel 1998
Naude LBS Sandu Naude 1981
Niankui LBS Sandu Niankui 1994
Numyiel LBS Fulladu East Numyiel 1999
Nyakoi LBS Wuli Nyakoi 1969
Nyakoi Wuli Nyakoi  
Nyamanarr LBS Kantora Nyamanarr 1976
Passamas LBS Wuli Passamas 1980
Perai LBS Fulladu East Perai 1995
Perai Mamadi (Bajonkoto) LBS Fulladu East Perai Mamadi Bajonkoto 1998
Sabi LBS Fulladu East Sabi  
Sabi Fulladu East Sabi 1994
Sabu Seri LBS Fulladu East Sabu Seri 1994
Same Kuta Kantora Same Kuta  
Sami Koto LBS Kantora Sami Koto 1994
Sanunding LBS Fulladu East Sanunding 1980
Sara Demba Toro LBS Sandu Sara Demba Toro 1998
Sare Alpha LBS Fulladu East Sare Alpha 1995
Sare Bojo LBS Fulladu East Sare Bojo 1993
Sare Gubu LBS Sandu Sare Gubu 1995
Sare Ngai LBS Wuli Sare Ngai 1995
Sare Njobo LBS Fulladu East Sare Njobo 1993
Songkunda LBS Kantora Songkunda 1975
Sotuma LBS Kantora Sotuma 1974
Sotuma Sere LBS Fulladu East Sotuma Sere 1983
Sotuma Sere Fulladu East Sotuma Sere  
St. George's LBS Fulladu East Basse 1942
St. Joseph's Fulladu East Basse 1947
Suduwol LBS Kantora Suduwol 1996
Sutukoba LBS Wuli Sutukoba 1961
Tambasansang LBS Fulladu East Tambasansang 1976
Touba Tafsir LBS Fulladu East Touba  
Touba Woppa LBS Wuli Touba Woppa 1980
Wally-ba Kunda LBS Fulladu East Wally-ba Kunda 1998

Upper Basic (Junior Secondary School)

School Name
Year Established
Bakadagi UBS Fulladu East Bakadagi 2000
Fatoto UBS Kantora Fatoto 1995
Julangel UBS Fulladu East Julangel 2000
Nyakoi UBS Wuli Nyakoi 1995
Sabi UBS Fulladu East Sabi 2000
St. George's UBS Fulladu East Mansajang 1963
St. Mulumba UBS Fulladu East Basse 1998

Basic Cycle (Primary and Secondary School)

School Name
Year Established
Badari BCS Fulladu East Badari 2000
Diabugu BCS Sandu Diabugu 2000
Foday Kunda BCS Wuli Foday Kunda 2000
Garawol BCS Kantora Garawol 2000
Kora Jula Kunda BCS Fulladu East Kora Jula Kunda 2000
Sudowol BCS Kantora Sudowol 2000

Senior Secondary (High School)

School Name
Year Established
Nasir Ahmadiyya Fulladu East Mansajang 1983

Skills Training Centres

Year Established
Julangel Skills Training Centre Fulladu East Julangel  
St. Mulumba's Skills Training Centre Fulladu East    

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